We just launched UniqueSide.io

Manoj Ahirwar
1 min readMar 1, 2023
Photo by Mika Baumeister on Unsplash

Starting a company is not easy. and this becomes even harder if you don’t have the technical background for it.

I have talked to many people who have great ideas but they don’t follow them because they don’t know how to make their idea a reality.

They get afraid of approaching software development agencies because of their high cost and as founder just wants to see if their ideas are worth pursuing or not.

After receiving a lot of requests from people with non-technical backgrounds, Today I am glad to launch UniqueSide.io

UniqueSide will help founders launch their MVP as quickly as possible and also at a cheap price because we know that if someone is just starting a company they probably don’t want to spend so much at the initial stage.

We are going to help with their MVP fast because the market moves quickly and does not wait for anyone. We have been building products for a long time.

If you or anyone knows anyone who is struggling to build their MVP do let them know about us. (For the bonus we will give some share profit sharing!!)