I finally made it to #1 on Product Hunt

Manoj Ahirwar
2 min readSep 26, 2023
Photo by NASA on Unsplash

My name is Manoj, I have been building products for a long time now. I developed my first product back in 2015 but at that time I did not know about Product Hunt.

I launched Product Hunt in 2017 for the first time, Back in 2017. my friends and I created a social networking app for like-minded people and launched Product Hunt. We got a total of 18 upvotes.

Till now I have launched a total of 13 products on ProductHunt and have been active on ProductHunt for the last year. Also this year January I started building in public. Now I try to share all my failures, positive and negative things.

Recently I created BoilerCode.co, A catalog of SaaS boilerplates to help fellow builders ship their products faster than ever and scheduled my launch for 25th Sep (Monday).

I created a coming soon page and got around 30+ people interested by subscribing to my launch. But due to some personal reasons, I decided to postpone my launch to 24th Sep (Sunday). I thank ProductHunt support for this because they agreed to my request for pre-poning my launch.

When I launched, I started sharing on Twitter, and then on every 50 upvotes I started posting the launch progress on ProductHunt. I am not sure if this made a difference. but many people supported me on Twitter and I can not thank them enough.

I kept sharing the competition stats, and it was a crazy battle among the top 3 products that day. BoilerCode was number 1 in the first 3 hours and then moved to number 2. For the next 8 hours, It was on number 2.

At late night, I called it a day and went to sleep hoping for the best and Twitter did it again. When I woke up it was still on number 2 but was very very close to number 1, and I started to share this crazy competition again on Twitter. and people started supporting me again. and quickly BoilerCode became number 1. Then for the rest of the time, BoilerCode kept its position as number 1.

This is the first time that my launch has become number 1 on Product Hunt. For the last 2 days following are the stats I saw for BoilerCode

Total Website Views - 4K views 
Max concurrent real-time users on the website - 70 users
Traffic Source - ProductHunt and Twitter
Total Revenue - $1300

This is the first time that any of my products saw this much traction. Now my next goal is to keep pushing BoilerCode and add new things to make the developer’s life easy.