How I made 6000 USD in 15 days

Manoj Ahirwar
2 min readSep 2, 2023
Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash

Recently in July, I left my job in Singapore. I was working there as a Senior Software Engineer. I have been building products for a long time now. Launched more than 20 products and apps. Some of them made me money as well.

But after leaving my job, My priority is to focus on my products but I also need to make sure that I am able to generate some money and have a safe runaway for me.

That is why I decided to start a challenge and posted this on Twitter

I got messages from multiple people and took 2 projects under this challenge.

One Project was to create an AI app that allows users to record their voice and later they can chat with their thoughts. (Pretty cool right)

I built and delivered this app in 7 days. after this, I got another project for a company that wanted to have an Android app for their platform. Currently, they only have a web platform.

So this is how I was able to generate 6K USD in 15 days.

Many people ask how I build products fast. I think if you know what you are doing you can develop things pretty fast. In the past, I have developed some Android apps in just 10 hours and those apps are still generating ad revenue. So if you know then you can do it.

Now that These projects are completed, I am again taking requests to build your product in 7 days starting at $3K USD. If you have any idea that you want to build but could not build it. Let me know. Maybe I can built that for you.