Don’t blindly follow Youtube Financial Influencers

You must be subscribed to many financial YouTubers who are actively uploading videos and telling you how to become a millionaire.

They also show you their investment portfolio and which platform they recommend for investing. mostly

Get free stocks if you sign up…

Get free crypto if you sign up…

but what happens when something horrible happens? what do they do?

of course, they create another video saying it was not financial advice and you should not listen to someone on the internet on how to invest.

I am writing this because there were a lot of influencers who were actively promoting crypto lending platforms and you know what happened?

2 of the biggest crypto lending platform announced bankruptcy.

  1. Voyager
  2. Celsius Network

and one more are heading to the same path… guess who

its CoinBase — they already stopped the affiliation program.

Be very careful about where you are putting your money. any platform can go bankrupt in this economy.




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